Our Honeybush tea is cultivated on the Herold Meander farm at the hamlet of Herold, situated along the oldest, unaltered Montagu Pass in South Africa, opened in 1847. The pass meanders the Outeniqua Mountains that form part of the Garden Route UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The Herold area is underlain by folded and faulted rocks of the Table Mountain Group.  The farm is located adjacent the Doring and Afgunst Rivers that form part of the Gouritz River catchment. The indigenous Khoikhoi named the Doorn River Kaukou, which literally means ‘pricking thorn’.


Honeybush tea is a South African herbal tea made from the leaves and stalks of the indigenous Cyclopia plant that only grows in small areas in the coastal and mountainous areas of the Southern and Eastern Cape regions. The Honeybush name comes from the scent of its bright yellow flowers that smell similar to honey. “The traditional knowledge of Honeybush is closely linked to the Khoikhoi ancestry of communities where these plants are naturally found.  Communities have a strong sense of this knowledge belonging to those with a Khoikhoi heritage and several stories pertaining to Honeybush being traded amongst different groupings of people in the past are also recalled.” Government will be facilitating the negotiations of a Bio trade Access Benefit Sharing agreement with the Indigenous Knowledge Holders of Honeybush as per the Kyoto Protocol.


There are 23 different Cyclopia species and only Cyclopia Subternata known as ‘vleitee’, Cyclopia Longifolia known as ‘Van Stadensbergtee’ and Cyclopia Intermedia known as ‘bergtee’ are cultivated on the Herold Meander farm. Honeybush is closely related to Rooibos but is sweeter, while unfermented green Honeybush tea will have a less sweet flavour.


The indigenous Khoikhoi used the Honeybush shrub to make a medicinal tea with a pleasant, mildly sweet taste and aroma. The tea formed part of their traditional healing systems, a practice that remains applicable in modern times. Honeybush is a herbal tea and just like most of the herbal teas, is naturally caffeine-free with very low tannin levels and high

antioxidants. This makes it suitable for drinking at any time of the day, especially suited for night-time consumption.

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